Theft cryptocurrency hackers stole $ 10 billion over the last three years

The theme of “cryptocurrency, theft and its impact on the market of electronic money” was uncovered by auditors from the Big Four. About how analysts explain the lack of institutional investors, see below.

 According to the report of the auditors KPMG, the volume of money in cryptocurrency thefts in the past few years is $ 9.8 billion. The latter was made possible due to the dominance of hacker attacks, and poor security. According to information provided by Bloomberg, the latter negatively affects the investment climate – institutional investors simply ignore the entry into the market, the operation of which is accompanied by such a large-scale risks.

 Sal Ternullo, of KPMG Head of Department who specializes in kriptovalyutnyh services, said that investors will not risk entering the market as long as there will not be able to secure these transactions in the same way as traditional financial assets.

 Representatives of the auditing igrosoft slots company stressed that the industry needs to improve standards for the protection of assets, to the word “hackers cryptocurrency” did not have a stable association in the investment environment.

 Earlier, Lloyds of London (insurance market) and startup Coincover presented the design, which can be a solution to enhance the security of electronic purses. The project will provide asset protection from theft and malicious hacking. In addition, companies provide flexible insurance limits, the minimum limit is set at £ 1 thousand.

 This year, hackers “stole” $ 4.3 billion in assets kriptovalyutnyh. As a rule, the theme of “hackers / cryptocurrency” develops through the creation of financial pyramids. Not the least role in this respect plays PlusToken platform, which managed to raise $ 2 billion more on this -. In a separate article.

 Recall that analysts predict price growth kriptovalyutnyh assets due to rise in price of Bitcoin.

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