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The Gist of Medicine on Imbed Ontogenesis and Pests

Updated on Grand 15, 2019

Sanjay Sharma


I sustain been a college instructor and a diarist. As a freelancer contentedness author, I explore the matter to compose without bias and maliciousness.

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My 19-year old son plays guitar in the balcony having few houseplants.

One day he ascertained that those plants had full-grown meliorate than others in the theater, flush subsequently the like lacrimation.

He wondered roughly it and came to me with a guess, that it power be due to the medicine of his guitar.

I had study roughly the determine of euphony on the ontogeny of plants.

I told him that the medicine affects man, beast, and plants which could be seen from the EEG reports, endocrine levels, and cellphone outgrowth severally.

The Greenness Medicine

It combines the classical groundwork with rude sounds of songbirds, insects, piddle, the twist, etcetera. It increased the ejaculate sprouting, ontogenesis, sheeny and metamorphosis of plants in the like way as the medicine increased the milk hymie of cattle.

Dissimilar plants ilk dissimilar sounds, as the cricket or louse sounds increased the maturation, output, and victuals of huitre mushrooms. The fathead – worm assorted euphony of 400 Hz was base to addition the emergence and elevation of cowpea plants.

The Effects of Quarrel on Plants

Equitable request the plants to turn amend increases their ontogeny. Afterward two months of talk the weighting of plants and fruits increased. But the impression of commodity and bad quarrel was the like. The locution of prayers increased the straw issue by 670 Kg/hectare. The altitude of plants increased 64% more by expression Gayatri Mantra for 5-10 proceedings every day.

The Ruben Tubing

This metal underground named abaft Heinrich Rubens has a longsighted occupation of pocket-size holes in which propane is sparked capable get a farsighted row of consistent flames. When a talker is set at one end, the contraction and rarefaction produce coerce deviation. | Seed

Feelings in Plants

The creature and set stimuli look in their reactions. The plants are aliveness organisms and they can flavour and sentience, as the ‘touching me not’ set recoils and folds its leaves at a rebuff ghost. Around plants jerking in botheration on plucking the flip, spell around tremor in expectation of organism axed.

The cells that sensation shaking sack and oscillate during their establishment to advance embed maturation. These vibrations could be caused by strait.

S cientific Theories

The Indian scientist, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose studied the impression of environs and euphony on plants. He institute their reaction to twinkle, insensate, heating, racket, dark and the nurturing posture.

His life-sustaining possibility of 1927, explains that the electric and mechanical pulses of sustenance cells campaign the rising of sap in plants. The possibility of Dixon and Joly too confirmed the flora stimuli.

In 1995, Cagy base with a Crescograph that the imbed and beast tissues are the like. The reply of plants to assorted stimuli is standardised thereto of the spooky organization. He confirmed that the euphony increases and the racket diminution the engraft ontogeny. He revolutionized biophysics by proving that it is not the chemic but the electric conductivity which causes implant stimuli.

Wildon plant changes in cytomembrane due to microwaves and temperature or chemic inhibitors poignant the set stimuli. He proven that the plants realise hurting and affectionateness.

The hatchway and completion of riffle stomata is influenced by focus, temperature, humidness and fathom.

Dawn thumbnail to sight life-sized

1-Epidermal cubicle 2-Guard cellphone 3-Stoma 5-Water 6-Vacuole | Seed

The microscopical panorama of folio, the red cuticle and greens weave locates the stomata. | Origin

How Medicine Influences the Plants

The melodic sounds shape imbed emergence in dissimilar forms and shapes as follows.

1. Factor Energizing

Particular phone frequencies spark sealed genes to growth the growing of flora cells.

2. Fathom Sonorousness

Every aim has its own resounding oftenness and the vibrancy occurs when this frequence is played, as the breakage of windowpane panes. The rapport occurs at molecular levels when the frequencies of medicine and set cells couple.

3. Consequence on Stomata

The rally of co2 and o ‘tween the surround and works leads to ontogenesis. The air openings in the foliage cells called stomata energise such interchange. The euphony helps the stomata to persist wide-cut afford for an increased inhalation of leafage nutrients and h2o. Dan Carlson has secondhand this proficiency in Transonic Rosiness.

4. Impression on Cellphone Organelles

The mobile moves more apace and is intensely aroused approximately reverberative objects. Sure frequencies produce sonorousness in the cubicle organelles of sustenance organisms by increasing the campaign of cytol inside the cells which leads to the ontogenesis of cells.

5. Cavitation

It is the foundation of micro-bubbles interior the liquids by sealed frequencies. These bubbles vibrate with vocalise, and coerce is created when they prostration. This force redress the contents, walls, and environs of cells. The reminiscent oscillations of bubbles effort micro currents which relocation the cytol, molecules, and proteins inside the cells.

6. Force Multiplication

The audio pressing could be matt-up by placing the workforce on the verbalizer. The condensation and rarefaction of vocalise produce a wafture which travels in the sensitive by creating higher and depress press areas. Unlike vibrating patterns make a high-pitched or low tar.

The set cells look the pressing of dissimilar vibrations and the variations and photograph sentence of which brace ontogenesis, dispersion, and inspiration of liquidity or air molecules in cells.

7. Motility of Protoplasm

The support organisms are composed of protoplasm, which invariably moves. This cause is last at dayspring and nightfall. The sounds oscillate the leaves and increment this campaign which increases the ontogeny of sizable plants by increasing the deduction of nutrient and nutrients.

8. Phytohormone

The brassy quaver fathom double the growing of overshadow pea plants. The phytohormone called gibberellic dose responds to phone and causes germinate extension or semen sprouting. The force disappeared when its biogenesis was stopped-up by chemicals.


The Protein Deduction in Plants

The plants train their amino-acids during photosynthesis and the string of aminic acids shape proteins.

The DNA contains the inherited programme of apiece cellphone to physique particular proteins for aminic acids. For this function, the courier RNA or mRNA comes from the DNA with a simulate of the info.

With this info, the transport RNA or tRNA in the cubicle extend the amino-acids and work them singly to the ribosome to get affiliated to another aminic dose to configuration a concatenation and thusly the protein is formed.

The Surmount Reverberance hypothesis by Joel Sternheimer

This possibility was disposed by the French physicist and instrumentalist Joel Sternheimer, the scholar of the noted physicist Louis De Broglie. He drawn-out the De Broglie’s brandish possibility and institute medicine in the shakiness patterns of primary particles and ascertained how fathom affects the protein biogenesis in plants.

He ground that the amino-acid emits a signaling when it is existence brought by its tRNA to be joined onto the ribosome. This indicate or quantum beckon called grading links the shell of apiece amino-acid to the exfoliation of processing protein.

When a wafture is emitted from an amino-acid, the irregular slower beckon arrives abaft a metre doubly as longsighted, and a thirdly one thrice as hanker etc.. The periodical superposition of waves occurs when a string of aminic acids is formed.

The sequent waves were born-again into hearable vocalize by transposing them into octaves in a synthesist. These protein melodies make surmount plangency in plants and animals.

The Works Melodies of Joel Sternheimer

The imbed melodies are the multiple frequencies that happen when aminic acids manakin proteins. Apiece notation and melody fit to a exceptional aminic pane and the total protein concatenation severally.

The gild of sequences gives a alone air for the yield of particular or interchangeable proteins in a especial works. The duration of the tone is capable the literal meter interpreted by apiece aminic pane to get affiliated to a strand.

Melodies for Weedicides

The like stage melodies advertise the protein biogenesis, patch those in opposition form fight it. So the ontogeny of suitable plants is increased and that of unsuitable ones or weeds are inhibited.


These short-change notes are played lone erstwhile a day. The tones for iv aminic acids are played per endorsement. Acting six melodies for ternary transactions a day made the tomatoes sweeter and 2.5 multiplication bigger.


The vocalize sequences can feign the wellness of humanity.

Flora Euphony by Mort Garson (1976)

Unlike Effects of Audio

Unlike frequencies impress dissimilar plants otherwise at unlike stages of emergence. They,

1.) Reduced the biomass product of barm cells by 14%,

2.) Increased the yield sizing of victual mushrooms by 43.3%,

3.) Extensive the pick stop of comestible mushrooms by 3-8 years,

4.) Decreased the total of chemic fertiliser and pesticide by 15 to 25%,

5.) Reduced the diseases of the plants and improved the set resistant systems,

6) Helped to get the herbicides into the embed.

The euphony of guitar or fiddle played for approximately 30 daybreak and eve

a) Increased the hymie and calibre of straw cereal.

b) Germinated straighter peak plants of durable and abundant flowers in impinging colours,

c) Increased the calibre and yid of assorted vegetables, sugarcane, and rice.

The gist of voice on plants appears afterward respective weeks. The plants prosper in intermittent tint, patch the uninterrupted euphony kills them. The nonsuch zen of medicine for trey hours a day doubles the emergence of goodly plants.

The Increased Sheeny

In callosity cells or the cells that covering the embed lesion, the vocalize at Hundred Hz and 100 dB at 20 cm for 1 hr increased the cubicle section, RNA substance, maturation, bread contents, enzymes, and hormones.

The varying oftenness source of 60-2000 Hz and 50-120 dB at 50-100 meters increased the engraft exemption against diseases, insects, and pests. The frequence when familiarized according to the temperature and humidness for 1- 3 hours in the daybreak increased the output of dissimilar crops as follows,

a) Paprika by 30.05%

b) Cuke by 37.1%

c) Tomato by 13.9%,

d) Clams by 19.6%

e) Spinach by 22.7 %

f) Cotton by 11.4%

g) Rice in pots by 25.0 %

h) Rice in the spread subject by 5.7%

i) Straw by 17.0%

j) Victual mushrooms by 15.8%

k) Barm cells by 12%

l) Hardened cotton by 12.7%

m) Spinach by 22.7 %

Echography and Plants

The audio vibrations transit the plants and feign the growing at the sub-molecular grade. The fathom frequencies are,

1) The subsonic or infrasound oftenness capable 20 Hz resulting tied from a flimsy force of a hydraulic jackfruit.

2) The hearable oftenness of 20-20,000 Hz could be heard by humans, but women can see bey this scope.

3) Sonography frequence supra 20,000 Hz is bey the hearable orbit and supersonic thermic radiations are matte as rut.

The radical and infrasounds interact with tissues and cells done thermic or mechanical slipway. The animals and insects acquire and try sounds bey the thrum grasp.

Charles Darwin explored the essence of vocalize on plants but failed, as he victimized hearable scope. The core was base by the electronic oscillators of 20,000 to 50,000 Hz.

In brilliant sunshine, the ultrasounds aroused the enzymes and ventilation of plants and seeds of barleycorn, helianthus, dashing, jackstones yen, pea, etcetera.

The frequence of 20,000 Hz gives the highest outgrowth, but the better vocalise is of 5,000 Hz. The fathom at 400-800 Hz at 100 dB an minute every day is topper for come sprouting.

When unbroken in a pyramid for approximately meter every day, the sow sprouting, flowers, fruits, and boilersuit development increased capable 50%.

Vocalise Hazards

The assorted audio frequencies effort,

1) Stochasticity defilement,

2) Spartan wellness problems in animals alike rock-bottom appetence, exit of burthen and sometimes destruction,

3) Increased pollenation by birds,

4) Less semen diffusion by animals,

5) Obscure environmental effects,

6) Deafening for pets.

Precautions against Vocalize Hazards

1. Use it betimes in the cockcrow betwixt 5 to 9 AM

2. Decrement audio press by increasing the interaction domain

3. Take the disarray some frequencies and photo clip

4. The leaf nebulizer of nutrients aft strait waves gives commodity results.

5. The tweeter is amend, as the schematic verbalizer cannot frolic heights frequencies.

The Insects and Virus Stirred by Fathom

Clink thumbnail to horizon life-size

A modest manly Drosophila melanogaster fly | Root

The Greyness moulding or Botrytis cinerea contagion on Strawberry. | Beginning

The corn-borer moth | Root

An aphid or embed lice | Seed

Distaff of the red mannequin of the tetranychid | Rootage

A tardy plague contagion caused by Phytophthora infestans on a flip | Beginning

The Chinese citrus fly | Seed

The Photomosaic Virus | Beginning

Medicine as a Fertiliser

The ultraviolet, hotness, mechanical devices, endocrine supplements, and fertilizers helper in embed growing but the chemicals wrong the surround and plants.

But the inexpensive and non-polluting phone increases product strengthens the resistant arrangement and decreases the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides by 50%.

Case Plague in Rice | Origin

Melodies for Pests

1. The audio strengthens the cuss unsusceptibility by creating strain among implant insects.

2. The classical rock-bottom the 30 years lifetime of manly Drosophila Melanogaster and that of the wanderer mites.

3. The vocalise of 3-5 K Hz attracts birds and butterflies to feed upon mosquitoes and pests.

4. The vocalise of 55 Hz and 120 dB for one-half an hr decreased the major menace to citrus fruits by 45% by sidesplitting the Chinese citrus fly. It too reduced respective viruses, gray-haired molds, previous plague, etcetera.

5. The photomosaic virus in tomato plants was rock-bottom as the enzymes for the virus were not synthesized.

6. The viridity euphony reduced the aphid or flora lice wrong to dough and case plague in rice by 50%.

7. The hurt by maize woodborer moths got rock-bottom from 50% to 5% by the voice of 5 K Hz from cockcrow to sundown, spell the higher frequencies controlled the insects in stored straw.

Medicine of Farting Bell

The fart bell can make the instinctive vocalize frequencies of nature.

They vibrate with the oftenness of 432 Hz.

These are made of the tubes of stainless which are fitted on the hardwood.

The distance of the biggest pipe is approximately 110 cm.

These heavy flatus chimes audio wish the bells of a church.

All the tubes are tuned to the melodic notes in harmoniousness with 432 Hz.

This strait of chimes brings counterpoise and harmoniousness in the circumferent.

Euphony in Indian Legends

The notes of the fluting of Overlord Krishna ensnared the women, gopis, cattle, and birds. The flora was no elision. The audio of His conch could diffuse the clouds and number the tides.

Taan Sen, the courtroom player of Akbar could movement rains, spark the lamps or get plants to heyday with the songs and notes of his ragas. His coeval Baiju Bawara could disappear the stones and chasten the tempestuous animals with his notes.

The Findings of Dr. Singh

Subsequently various experiments, he ground that sympathetic vocalize of Indian ragas and classical increased,

1. The inherited chromosomes of about weewee plants and the ontogeny of flowers.

2. The yield of peanuts, and baccy by 50%, the issue of vegetables by 40%, the meridian and biomass of balsam plants by 20% and 72% severally and the sizing of discipline crops capable 60%.

3. The ontogeny, inflorescence, fruiting and seeds of plants.

4. The heaviness of epidermic walls by 50% and the turn of stomata per whole domain by 67%.

5. The hymie of various varieties of rice and the maturation of seeds, leaves and saplings of straw capable 60%.

Hellenic V/S Substitute Medicine


The Earlier Experiments of T.C.N. Singh

In 1950, Prof Julian Huxley, the comrade of novelist Aldous Huxley came to Annamalai University at Madras in India. He base Dr. T.C.N Singh, the header of the Section of Vegetation, observant the impression of strait on the survive move of protoplasm in the cells of the crystalline leaves of Hydrilla, an aquatic dope.

This move or cyclosis of protoplasm mostly increases abaft dayspring and it activates the cellphone metamorphosis needful for implant outgrowth. He successfully stirred the protoplasm at its afternoon velocity by an galvanizing tuning branch located 6 feet from the leaves for one-half an minute earlier daybreak.

The like results were constitute by fluting, fiddle, organ, sitar and the high-pitched pitched southward Indian fiddle medicine at 100-600 Hz.

In the absence of euphony the petunias, daisies, and marigold bloomed fortnight before by the rhythmical feet vibrations of Bharata-Natyam, the antediluvian graeco-roman saltation.

Concurrently, Eugene Canby in Canada confirmed the 66%increase in the straw issue due to fiddle sonatas.

The Enquiry of Dorothy

In 1973, Dorothy Retallack, the investigator at the Colorado Woman’s College Denver, conducted a elaborate scientific explore core of medicine on plants. She explained the results of her experiments in her hold, “ The Fathom of Euphony and Plants” and establish that the uninterrupted euphony killed the plants. But the attenuation flowers get a new rental of liveliness and peak to fullest in bearing of subdued euphony.

What Case of euphony

The core depends on flora species, eccentric of euphony and the oftenness, length or press of strait. The fewer beatniks of higher frequencies per moment step-up the yields. Use pocket-sized capacitors to increases the frequence in personal experiments or variety the timing and the rake.

Types of Instruments

The like euphony on strand instruments dented the plants more towards the verbalizer than the pleximetry instruments. The sounds of 115-250 Hz energise those embed genes that answer to light for photosynthesis.


The euphony great on basses same rap, Beatles, and noisy Sway restitution the plants as is through by nimiety piss or warm winds. The plants slant out from such euphony and sometimes die.

According to the Checkup Connexion of California, the amplified heavy rock-and-roll caused perm deafness in 41 out of 43 musicians.


The plants entwined the speakers performing Hayden, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Vivaldi, Mahler, Bachelor, and Indian Classical or Ragas or Vedic euphony. The plants maturate amend, expectant, undifferentiated and soaker k with tidy stems in such cushy medicine.

Gravid Metallic

The great alloy, new age and Celtic medicine step-up the imbed people and yield tasting.

Commonwealth and Westerly Euphony

Plants remained apathetic to such euphony.

Bed Medicine

It besides leads to increased growing.

The Transonic Flush, Implant Ontogenesis and Pests

Dan Carlson in the USA put-upon the audio of oscillatory frequence source to unfold the foliage stomata to addition the flora metamorphosis by the food atomiser. The preoccupation of nutrients increases done these unfold eupneic holes.

This strait of 3 to 5000 Hz resembles the audio of hoot songs at daybreak.

Case of Food Atomizer

The uptake doubles or triples by phone stimulus, so the spraying should be of cancel, constitutional and non-toxic containing fiddling minerals and aminic acids. The flora excerption or seaweed-based nebulizer without additives are the trump.

The benefits

This method increases,

1.) The reap and the contents of its nutrients,

2.) The predilection, sizing and ledge or repositing liveliness of vegetables and fruits,

3.) The zoom and wellness of plants, trees, herbs, fruits, and flowers,

4.) The ejaculate sprouting, roots, and implant outgrowth,

5.) The output of bonkers and walnuts,

6.) The drive of protoplasm in the cells,

7.) The body in sizing of fruits and vegetables,

8.) The engraft adaptations in an foreigner surround and unfavourable clime,

9.) The exemption and underground to pests and diseases,

10.) The hoar underground and reduces cadre impairment,

11.) The nourishing consumption by 50-700%,

12.) The benefits of mart contender by reduction the growth flavour from 1-3 weeks.


Use the fathom every day or during the leaf nebuliser at daybreak or evenfall.

Do not nebulizer more erstwhile a workweek.

The phone should commence Thirty ahead and stopover 2 hours aft the spraying.

This method is not the substitutes of unconstipated impregnation.

Don’t gambling the fathom at noonday in summers, as it increases urine expiration by desiccation.

The Transonic Blossom


Gist on Vineyards

The day-and-night, non-repetitive greco-roman churrigueresque euphony played in vinery and cellar for a workweek produced stronger roots and amend fruits. It unbroken the pests off, produced more fungi and bacterium in the ground, increased the bourgeon growing, flora wellness, aggregate flip are per vine and the cabbage message in grapes.


The worm sounds and insect-music assorted sounds increased the flora development in which the latter was improve. With elision to soya, it increased the boilersuit development of boodle, green-grocery, etcetera.


Not the kike, but the growing, force, foliage colour and resistance of plants increased and the flowers and fruits appeared a workweek sooner.


It increased the boodle levels, protein deduction, partitioning and ontogeny of callosity cells, implant tissues, roots, and flowers.


The seedling grew more speedily; the imbed two-fold in 2 weeks and increased 90-150% more in 4 weeks. The product of somatotropin increased with 1 w voice of 5 kHz for 12 hours day-to-day.


The audio increased the semen germination, unvarying set ontogenesis, potent maize, and 20 bushels more per acre.

The Reply of Plants to Medicine

The plants occupy, vibrate and get voice waves of 50-120 Hz. To discipline the reply of plants, an electronic appliance called Plantone has been highly-developed in Japan. The gimmick measures the electric action due to voice and registers its reaction in plants.

When two detector clips are connected to works leaves, the red sparkle shows the electropositive answer of potent electric stream inside the cells. The go-ahead is for the disconfirming answer of faint electric signals or gamy intensity and oftenness.

The Plantone twist


Plants swordplay euphony

The Midi (MIDI) converts the biologic signals of plants into euphony.

The changes in the leaflike its reaction to lighter etcetera. are assigned a random routine like to a tone.

These electric signals are pumped-up to the ironware, born-again into MIDI and sent to the package to indite the electronic medicine.

5 pins DIN connecter MIDI ports and cablegram | Reference

Books to Be Study Roughly Medicine and Plants

1. ‘The Mutant of Animals and Plants below Tameness’, scripted by Charles Darwin in 1868.

2. The ‘Answer in the Livelihood and Inanimate’ and ‘The Uneasy Mechanics of Plants’ in 1902 1926 severally by Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose.

3. ‘The Audio and Euphony of Plants’ by Dorothy Retallack in 1973.

4. ‘The Unavowed Sprightliness of Plants’, by Harpist and Row in 1989.

Possibilities in Hereafter

1. Dissimilar plants appearance unlike responses to euphony in unlike stages of ontogenesis. So, foster studies in the battleground are required.

2. Sealed audio frequencies are to be ground to step-up and conquer the emergence of worthy and unsuitable plants severally.

3. This method has to be perfected and popularized to increment globular product.

4. The salute information is not sufficient and encourage scientific sketch is required for precise results.

5. Encourage Reading- The Force of Euphony on Hum Wellness and Head Growing .

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