Bitcoin is growing rapidly. Should I buy it now

Skeptics shrug, analysts continue to give optimistic forecasts and has already crossed the Bitcoin for $ 10,490.

 Growth in more than 5% in the last day, and the value of Bitcoins has increased to $ 10 490. According to one of the founders of Fundstrat Tom Lee, this is not the limit. Analysts believe that in the current year the price of the coin will reach $ 20,000, which will contribute to a reduction of the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate (Fed). In such a situation becomes a tool makrohedzhirovaniya Bitcoin, which leads to an increase in its value.

 Confirm the words of Tom Lee recent events. The other day, the US Federal Reserve for the first time in the last 11 years has lowered the discount rate – due to slow down the pace of economic development in the world. Prior to this course Bitcoin is rapidly rolled down, but from August 1, began confidently return the item.

 If you believe the forecasts of some experts, even now (at the time of the growth rate) acquire Bitcoins will be a good investment, increasing investment almost doubled by the end of 2019. However, not all analysts think so.

 In particular, Peter Schiff, president of brokerage Euro Pacific Capital Inc., says: The most profitable investment in the first cryptocurrency was when its exchange rate was $ 10. However, these times will not return. Therefore, experts say that at the moment for portfolio diversification can be considered the gold, without prejudice to the Bitcoin.

 Relative growth rate to $ 20 000 (the level of December 2017) Peter Schiff expressed skeptical and does not believe in such a possibility. He suggested that now in the world more and more people who have lost money, investing in Bitcoin, rather than gain more.

 Earlier, on the ability to achieve Bitcoin $ 20,000 said John Kolovos, chief technical analyst at Macro Risk Advisors. He also expressed the opinion that it is best to buy this cryptocurrency at the time of the devaluation.

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