Bertrand Lacoste

Bertrand grew up in Clamart, a city near Paris. He started playing Saxophone around 10 years old at his city’s music school. He quickly joined Jazz Bands, or funk bands, jamming & playing on different scenes in Paris and its suburbs. Bertrand is a huge fan of Maceo Parker (funk sax) and Marcus Miller (bass). Maceo Parker’s sound & rythmic notes always inspired him making punchy solos so that people can danse through the music. Marcus Miller got him to understand the importance of music background instruments/feelings, and his music vibes are just astonishing. Both definitely gave Bertrand passion for music and helped him improve his playing. In 2012, he met DIMMI who was creating some electronic music projects and they tried combining the jazz & funk style to this new rising electronic vibe. That’s how they created some tracks like Promesses and how they got to play together since then on many different stages in Europe, and recently Brasil !